Designing Your Work Space Around Your Brand

Follow me as I transform my old office into an inspirational beauty room, home office, and art studio for creating!

Designing Your Work Space Around Your Brand

Find Out What You Need

Brian helped me set up a home office for my graphic design about 5 years ago (not long after we married and I moved in).  At the time, I was doing freelance for a few companies and large scale restaurants/bars in Sacramento and it was really about just having a space to design and keep track of projects/invoices.   I’ve been doing freelance graphic design for about 13 years now, but this was my first home office!  It was everything I needed at the time – a large desk, a new computer, and a bit of storage.

A few years and many late night Pinterest searches later, I convinced Brian to build me an Ikea makeup vanity.  Shouldn’t be hard, right?  I wasn’t really sure how the DIY vanity lights were set up, but thankfully my hubby came to the rescue and helped create me a beautiful vanity of my dreams!

I use this thing

Fast-forward to the end of 2016, when I launched my art store and blog, and suddenly I now have a whole set of different needs for this space.   I now have brand colors and style, along with a need for functional art-creation space and storage.  The room was now too dark and lacking a proper place for projects.  It was time to get a new inspiration for this room…

Find Your Colors & Mood

I knew that I wanted a white, bright canvas to work with and that meant it was time for my light lavender walls to go!  I spent the better part of a weekend clearing out the large desk and a bunch of miscellaneous items.  The vanity was staying (did I mention how much I love that thing?) so I piled a few things in the middle of the room to prep for paint.

Brian was such a huge help!  We cleaned the walls and started to paint – it took 3 coats to cover that purple!  My arms were dead by the end of night.  I saved the trimming for the tall members of our house, aka Hubby 😉

These new, crisp white walls were giving me all the feels!

Well, staring at my husband’s backside may have been partly to blame, I ain’t gonna lie 😉

But no, for reals, it was all coming together!

What is a girl to do when you need gold accents and you don’t have them?  You paint them gold!  I busted out the metallic spray paint (I love this one!) and changed the brackets for my Ikea shelves!

And I don’t know if you remember those black script letters on my wall from before the makeover?  Well, I decided to spray those, too!

Once the walls had dried, it was time to put all the Ikea furniture in place that we purchased that weekend.

Maximize Your Space and Work Flow

My old office furniture was not only too dark, but much too big for this small room.  I wanted to maximize the space I had by wrapping the desk areas along the back wall, which give me the illusion of a much bigger room!  So, the vanity went back into the original space…

…and the office desk was now fitted to the corner and extended.

Along with white and gold theme, I’ll be incorporating a light pastel mint color to round out the look to match my brand colors.  The real beauty of having an office/creative space that matches your brand is that photos you take for blog posts will always be consistently on-brand!

This is just part 1 of the makeover of this room!  I have one more wall to work into an art desk/drawing table and gallery wall.  As it all comes together, I’ll post updates.  But for now, I’m just thrilled to have the beginnings of a creative space that is inspirational and functional.

 get the look.



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