5 Best Agendas and Planners for Creative Entrepreneurs


As we go along this art and creative inspired journey, you’ll come to know well my obsession of all organizational supplies.  Even though I am always in a perpetual state of trying to be organized (ha!), at the very least I continually make the attempt in style! 🙂

If you’re a Creative Entrepreneur like myself, you have approximately 946 ideas going through your head all at once!  Here’s how you bring it all together:

How to Reach Your Goals Using Planners & Agendas

Write Things Down

I know, it sounds almost too ridiculously simple, but you can’t formulate a plan for success without writing out

See The Visuals

The visuals are EVERYTHING.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  1 year?  4 months?  Gather up visual inspiration and motivation – internet, Pinterest, a fellow entrepreneur you look up to – and surround yourself with it everyday.  Heck, make it your desktop and mobile wallpaper, whatever it takes to give you the visuals to keep you motivated to succeed!

Create a Goal Timeline

The more you just “think” about how you’re going to reach your goals, the less time you’ll spend actually making them happen.  Hitting a milestone is hard work and it’s going to take you focusing on a plan of action step by step.  Make a timeline for your goal.  Your starting point, your short term and long term check points, and the end result.  I’ve learned the hard way that creating goals + cataloging your progress is the single most valuable thing you can do to help your dreams become reality.


Alright!  Now, on to the planners! <3

The Passion Planner

5 Best Agendas and Planners for Creative Entrepreneurs Passion Planner in Blush


This is, in my opinion, the most incredible planner for entrepreneurs.  I don’t know about you, but life has so many distractions that can very easily pull me away from keeping my “eye on the prize”.  This planner really changes all that.  It combines the best of all that gets you where you need to go – journaling, mind-mapping, planning, time management, goal setting, and so much more.  All in one place!  While I do admit it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing planner, this particular limited edition blush tone one is my favorite!


Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Agenda

5 Best Agendas and Planners for Creative Entrepreneurs lilly-pulitzer-pocket-agenda


The new Lilly Pulitzer Planners are so fun and vibrant!  I love the planner stickers that come with these and the added Travel Journal that’s included for recalling your latest adventure! This is great for keeping daily notes, monthly planning, or even just for a travel journal/calendar.  The hard cover holds up well to all the places you’ll find yourself!


Rifle Paper Co. Midnight 12-Month Agenda   5 Best Agendas and Planners for Creative Entrepreneurs rifle-paper-co-2017-midnight-agenda-metallic-copper-navy


for me, this 12-month agenda by The Rifle Paper Co. is the artistic, whimsical old soul of planners.  I just can’t tell you how much I ADORE this company and their vision.  A great handheld size that fits in your purse or your laptop case with ease.  The soft navy cloth finish with copper foil accented design not only looks stunning lounging around your home office, but the inside is so beautiful designed as well.  Taking log of daily tasks can become mundane, but there is just something special about writing down all that is important in this well made, vintage-vibe agenda.


Ban.do Monthly Large Planner 

5 Best Agendas and Planners for Creative Entrepreneurs bando-very-busy-ice-blue-large-agenda-front-cover_1024x1024

If you don’t know about Ban.do, then please make yourself some coffee and stay for awhile!  Are you a #girlboss or aspiring #girlboss that has things to see and people to do?  Then this modern line is for you.  Awww yeeah.  Their accessories are sassy, practical, and super sleek.  I just adore their whole product line, but these large agendas are my personal favorite.  The inspirational mantras and quirky quotes always make me laugh!


The Happy Planner

5 Best Agendas and Planners for Creative Entrepreneurs the-happy-planner-tranquility-planner


The good ole’, trusty Happy Planner!  This is one of the first planners I purchased and it holds a special place in my little #planneraddict heart.  <3 I found it ridiculously relaxing and satisfying to plan out my month by decorating the living baJEEBIES out of these pages!  Speaking of which, the pages are super easy to remove and put back in, so you can deck out your month until your heart’s content 🙂